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Judge Dredd too warm and fuzzy for you? Wolverine just too much of a pussy cat for your liking? The Sin City gang all too much of a big bunch of wimps?

Boy, do we have the comicbook movie for you.

Adapted from Alterna comics' graphic novel, The Chair is as close to horror as it is to the classic superhero movies we're used to - more V for Vendetta than Captain America. From the trailer below it's looking like a seriously dark ride - though one that could well be worth taking.

It's the story of a wrongfully-convicted death-row inmate, Richard Sullivan, and his decision, when faced with the torture and murder of his fellow inmates by the sadistic warden (seen in the trailer, played by Bill Oberst Jr), to find a way to fight back.

You can check it out below:

What do you guys think? Does The Chair look like a great alternative comicbook adaptation, or just another horror movie? Let me know below!


Does The Chair look like the next great comicbook movie?



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