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Miley Cyrus is well know for her gleefully eccentric taste, so it should be so surprise that her brash signature style has crept into her backyard too.

In a video by Katy Weaver (girlfriend of Flaming Lips front man and Miley collaborator, Wayne Coyne), the 21-year-old pop starlets backyard is revealed in all of it's magical glory.

The mishmash of childhood playground, and trashy Hollywood styling is just so Miley, and I can't think of a better place to have a good old fashioned hoedown throwdown than this stoner paradise;

Check out the video of Miley's dream world below;

If you are lusting after your own teepee, you better dig deep, kids. Miley bought this little treat for herself as a 21st birthday present and it reportedly cost $25,000 dollars. As much as an apartment in Thailand!

Do you guys like Miley's taste in landscape gardening?


My dream garden would...

(Source: The Daily Mail)

(Images: David Icke)


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