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I am still reeling from the shock that Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez move in the same circles, and now I am expected to come to terms with them boning each other too? Life is a roller coaster, kids.

The sordid echoes in gossip alley are ringing with talk that Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez are getting down and dirty together as some form of bizarre revenge.

Remember when Justin Bieber was blamed for being the straw that broke Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's fragile marriage? No - me neither - but apparently the toddler-faced toerag was playing naughty text tennis with Kerr, and Bloom was not best pleased about it. Not to mention Gomez, who was dating Bieber at the time.

Bieber and Kerr - REALLY?!
Bieber and Kerr - REALLY?!

According to TMZ, revenge is a dish best served smutty and Gomez and Bloom are doing the horizontal tango to rub their ex-flames up the wrong way.

To add some spice to their stew of outlandish speculation, TMZ also threw some anecdotal evidence our way for good measure. The website explained that;

Orlando and Selena were chilling outside of the Chelsea Handler concert Saturday in L.A. ... but when a photog started snapping pics, Bloom quickly bounced

This claim was also backed up with an inexplicably horrifying picture of the supposed lovers;

After seeing this, I hope to God these rumors aren't true. This picture looks like something from the grimy vaults of To Catch a Predator history, all that's missing is a plate of brownies and an impossibly large rural mansion to complete the illusion.

Apparently, the way that Bloom ran off when the paps caught his ass with Gomez is proof of their affair but I think he was probably just embarrassed he paid to see Chelsea Handler. Wouldn't you run too?

Do you think Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez are really revenge screwing?


Would you get involved with someone purely for revenge?

(Source: Dlisted via TMZ)

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