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Jim DeFilippi

“Divergent” is a challenging, intellectual Sci-Fi study of morality withstanding pressure, far above Hollywood’s usual parade of typical “popcorn” movies.

That being said, I still needed popcorn to eat while watching “Divergent.” The problem with popcorn in the movies is that sometimes you take too big a handful and one of the buttered kernels slips out onto your wrist and then you have to chase it with your lips, sometimes all the way up to the elbow.

Another problem in that a large bucket costs $14.95.

So I snuck my popcorn into “Divergent” under my shirt. My tactical problem was that I brought it in un-popped. I brought in Jiffy Pop, which looks like a frying pan with an expanding aluminum foil top.

For my heat source I used Sterno, that little can of gasolined jelly that people use when they’re camping. The stuff is amazingly powerful. You wouldn’t think one little canister could get hot enough to set off smoke detectors.

Out on n the sidewalk after the evacuation, the movie crowd was in a surly mood. They wanted to know if they would get their money back since they had only seen a few minutes of “Divergent.” They were also angry that the sprinkler system had worked so well.

One guy said, “If I ever catch the guy who set off that smoke alarm, I’ll really teach him a lesson.” I agreed and said, “But he’s probably gone home by now. We’ll probably never catch him.”

I give “Divergent” three stars.


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