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Scott Pierce

Did you catch Brick Mansions in theaters this past weekend? Well, you're in luck. Moviepilot is giving away an action Blu-ray prize pack! Here's the loot:

  • Fast Five
  • [G.I. Joe: Retaliation](movie:41694)
  • District 13: Ultimatum
  • [Fast & Furious 6](movie:37143)

In addition to these movies, the winner will take home some fun branded items, including a Take Flight parker shirt, hoodie, water bottle, and ear buds.

So, what's a Paul Walker fan have to do to nab these items? It's simple: Write a post on Moviepilot, tag [Brick Mansions](movie:957731), and tell us why you think you deserve the action Blu-ray pack. Our editors will comb through your posts and decide on a winner this week!

Have any questions? Shoot me a comment below or feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.


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