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When It comes to DC, I’m one of the die-hard fans who wants there to be a shared cinematic universe more than anything. But so far, it’s future is not looking so bright. Here are my thoughts on the current state DC Cinematic Universe.

We all know that Marvel has the monopoly on the subject of a shared universe of films with a clear and non-contradictory timeline (minus Spider-man and X-Men, which inhabit their own universes). DC is looking to reflect that success in their own films, but they’re going about it all wrong.

Man of Steel (2013) is the first film in what is (possibly) the beginning of the DCCU, and for the most part, it was a success, despite it’s mixed reviews and alterations to the characters and Superman’s world, for which we have Zach Snyder to thank.

Batman Vs. Superman, which was originally meant to be released in 2015, has been pushed back to a 2016 release, to quote, “better realize their “vision” for the film.” Here we have our first major issue. When Batman Vs. Superman is finally released, three years will have passed between it and Man of Steel. If we have learned anything from watching Robert Downey Jr. play Iron Man in the Marvel Universe, it’s that the actors are not willing to inhabit these roles forever, nor are they meant to. In short, three years is too long for them to wait to bring Henry Cavill back to the big screen as Superman, because the longer they wait, the older he will get and the more he will be drawn to pursue other projects. If DC knew what they were doing, they would have released Batman Vs. Superman in 2015, a Flash film in 2016, and Justice League in 2017, like they originally planned. Once again, much of the blame can be placed on Zach Snyder.

While on the subject of Batman Vs. Superman, the Dark Knight is getting the short end of the stick. Batman will not be getting his own solo film before Justice League, even though he is arguably DC’s most popular and important character. The same thing is to be said about Wonder Woman, who is set to make an appearance in the film. With no solo movie in sight. Can you guess who we have to blame for that? Snyder.

And (in theory) we will finally get a Justice League movie in 2017… 0r 18… Or maybe 2020. Yet again, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have handed control over to Zach Snyder, who will be directing. The main heroes in the Justice League for the most part, include:

Batman Superman Wonder Woman The Flash Green Lantern Martian Manhunter (usually) Aquaman (usually) And now Cyborg is set to make a small cameo in Batman Vs. Superman.

Are you seeing the issue with this list? Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Manhunter all have not gotten their own films, much less any screen time. They still haven’t been introduced into the universe. What made Marvel’s Avengers film so successful, was that all of the heroes on the team had been introduced in previous films, they didn’t need to be reintroduced. The creators brought them together and continued to develop their stories. Right now, Batman Vs. Superman is packed with characters, probably too many, and the casting has been nothing short of controversial from the announcement of Ben Affleck as Batman. Don’t get me wrong, I think Affleck and Gal Gadot are going to do great in their roles. But don’t get me started on Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, I could write another whole article on why he is a terrible choice to play Superman’s nemesis.

To top it all of, Batman Vs. Superman has barely begun filming yet. For all we know the film could be horrible, it could be the worst superhero movie ever, we don’t know yet. I want it to be good, I hope it’s going to be good, but shouldn’t the Studio wait until they see the film, and how well it does in theaters before they jump to giving the job to Zach Snyder to direct Justice League. All things considered, that seems very premature.

Zach Snyder
Zach Snyder

In conclusion, the DC Cinematic Universe is off to a bad start before it’s barely begun, and I’m not trying to place all of the blame on Zach Snyder, although I think he’s one of the big issues with it. A lot of the blame can be placed on Warner Bros. and DC Studios, they have not properly planned for this film series that they seem to be making up as they go along.

A director who does whatever he wants, continued production delays, random casting choices, no well considered plan for the future of their universe or the characters, and a scattered and ever-changing schedule for their films. Add that all up and what do you get? A disaster that even the Man of Steel can’t fix.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


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