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Rumor has it that Netflix will be producing Marvel Heroes of the street mainly hitting New York within Hell’s Kitchen. That means we get to see Daredevil and other heroes of that caliber. This is going to be a format that can either be broke by the Marvel Cinematic Universe or it’s going to hit big but not like the film did in early 2000’s.

Will it be worth watching despite Daredevil’s past as a flop of a film? If they work a few kinks out and not push the romance like they did with Elektra, it can be an awesome series and much darker. I’m a fan of the MCU and many of the characters and love to see how some of the background heroes interact with each other in a much smaller format of TV. This won’t be easy and it’s been said there are ties to the films of the Avenger players and partially of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, I could be wrong so don’t take my word for it.

If they do it right, we finally get a Luke Cage in the MCU and it’ll be a mighty blast of a character. It’s been tough bringing in new characters especially Cage because no one has found a way to write him in and having more trouble finding the guy to play him. There are good guys that are pretty damn big that can play him but in my opinion as big as the character is, they’re not going to bring some bodybuilding actor and the guy won’t be as big as most would like to think. I would like to see how it unfolds and get to see what this character brings.

The main women of this series is going to be tricky to use. Sure they’ll bring in maybe Jessica Jones but who else can they bring in? Bringing Elektra back is risky because of another flop of a film and it just didn’t work out too well. If they bring her back it can’t be the dramatic, cheesy and tragedy of the character. They’ve got to bring in the character that has that dark element to whom she is not just a character but one that is vital to the opposite of the Daredevil character. Sure I love to see conflict and deep heartfelt stories but with precise action congruent with accurate storylines and be much more dramatic and not as cheesy I believe it can be a success.

What do you guys think? Should we have a series that is more low-key but important to the MCU, or bring the characters in a different format and be higher up in the Marvel chain?


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