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I am an actor, magician, improviser, and cinephile in Austin, Texas.
Barrett Phelan

"Only Lovers Left Alive" takes us deep into the inner lives and psyches of vampires to explore what it really feels like to be immortal and suffer with the constant longing for fresh blood. Adam, played by Tom Hiddleston, is a centuries-old vampire who amuses himself through the ages by collecting rare musical instruments and artifacts. Eve, potrayed with other-worldly cool by Tilda Swinton, passes the time by constantly consuming literature and sipping "the good stuff" with her best friend, a vampire Christopher Marlowe, expertly played by John Hurt.

Just when we feel like the film is taking itself a bit too seriously, Eve's wild teenage sister, Eva (Mia Wasikowska) drops in, spinning a small tornado through their lives that culminates in her sucking dry the blood of Adam's assistant. "But he was just so cute!" she giggles with delight.

Overall, what the film lacks in plot it makes up for in style and chemistry between the Tom and Tilda. It is refreshing and often funny to take the journey with director Jim Jarmusch to see the human side of life as a vampire in the present day.


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