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Logan Redd

The everlasting question every superhero blogger has an opinion on. Marvel or DC, Which is better, Which is more realistic, the questions just go on and on it's almost endless. But my opinion on the topic is that Marvel is better, one, Marvel makes better movies, (and more movies). Two, marvel actually develops their characters unlike DC who only develops on character being Batman having more than one movie (I can't lie though I did love the Dark Knight series and I'm very exited for Batman vs Superman) but only 3 characters in the Justice League has a Movie made in the 21st century.

Though on the other hand Marvel has 4/6 Avengers have at least 1 movie let alone the TV Show Marvels Agent's of Shield which ties together other characters and events, while DC does have Arrow I still feel Marvel is just trying harder than DC to make movies, media, it almost feels like DC is fading (I'm not counting the 2 new movie plans in the upcoming) So tell me below, Marvel or DC



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