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Nicki Minaj has said recently in an interview that she wants to do more acting and even suggested she could be in The X-Men.

After thinking about it for a bit, I've come to the realization that she could be the Musical Mutant known as Dazzler!


In the Uncanny X-Men #130, We were introduced to her in a Discotheque in New York City. The X-Men team had been split up to check on two new mutants that Professor Xavier had discovered through Cerebro. One team found Kitty Pryde in Chicago while the other team checked out Dazzler's show.

Dazzler brings her own light show...
Dazzler brings her own light show...

As she starts singing, the audience becomes mesmerized by the light show her powers are creating. Dazzler, aka Alison Blaire did not join the X-Men at that time but went on to star in her own comic for 42 issues before Disco and Roller-disco became passe.

Since Nicki is a great singer and performer in her own right, she would be perfect to play Dazzler in a future X-Men movie. If Age of Apocalyspe is set in the early 80's, then Dazzler would be a perfect character to have in that setting.

So what do you think?


Should Nicki Minaj play Dazzler?


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