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You know, since The Disney Afternoon started and even five years before that, Disney has thrown us hints and Easter eggs if you will over and over and over and over again. And what are these Easter eggs/hints/teases that I talk about, why none other than the romance. In other words showing us and giving us hints and teases of potential boyfriend/girlfriend pairings when it comes to the characters in each of their show's.

I mean this goes back all the way to the very first non-Disney Afternoon show, The Wuzzles, where it was clearly indicated in the intro and throughout the show that the lead character of Bumblelion and Butterbear were attracted to each other and had feelings for each other, even though Disney never officially made it so. In other words Disney never took the opportunity to officially do an episode of some kind to maybe indicate that these two characters were going to become a romantic couple. Then again this was also 1985, still that didn't stop any other Saturday Morning or weekday morning or weekday afternoon cartoon show from doing so if you will. Then we have the Gummi Bears, and here I always believed and still do that no matter how much you debated it, that I believe that Cubbi and Sunni were meant and destined to come together as they grew up with each other. Now you can sit there and say that Sunni was meant to probably be with two other characters, and that she and Cubbi will like siblings.

But yet one has to look at it from this perspective, their not blood related and if television, live-action or animated has proven anything to us, that is anything is possible and never say never. And I still stick by my belief that had the show continued and may be gotten a move the in the 1990s, that these two characters would have ended up together but by being showcased as Gummi teenagers. Now with DuckTales we didn't have to worry about this much, pretty much any character that had any significant role in the series from beginning, middle and end was already paired up with somebody and I think that's all we have to say about that. Now we get onto Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers, and here is where the shipping and debating really kicks in, because ever since the show started there was always the debate of whether on not Gadget should be with Dale or Gadget should be Chip, now I've gone on record in saying that I do support a Dale/Gadget pairing, I do and the way this show was presented you pretty much saw more hints and Easter eggs they indicated that Disney was planning to put them together and I truly believe had the 1991 movie become a reality, that the official pairing of Dale and Gadget would have been done in that film. Now of course you had other characters like Foxglove and Tammy, and thanks to the huge fan base, you have web comics like "Of mice and mayhem" and as recently as a few years ago boom studio comics and their comic book revival of the Rescue Rangers. And it's thanks to them, if not both of these comics if you will, that Dale has been paired up with Foxglove and the door as far as boom Studios is concerned is still wide open for Chip and Gadget and possibly Tammy and Chip. But thanks to that web comic by Chris Fisher, the doors are completely shut, because he has paired Dale with Foxglove, Tammy with Sparky and Gadget with Chip. So according to the web comic the shipping is closed. But yet the shipping debate still rolls on and on and on. As a matter of fact the acorn Café website recently had a topic started because of this. Now we move onto TailSpin, and I think it's quite obvious that Disney was going to put Baloo and Rebecca together as a couple. I mean how many episodes, hints, indications, and Easter eggs do you need from this show to know that was the direction Disney was going. I mean the episode "A star is torn", I mean how much more evidence do you need. True they gave Wildcat a girlfriend, but did we see her again, no. But yet you always saw the strong indication and obvious showing that Disney was going in the Baloo/Rebecca direction, no matter what. Darkwing Duck, was pretty much like DuckTales, nuff said. Goof Troop, well you can say Peg sorta had the hots for Goofy in a sense if you watch one episode if not several that show those Easter raid/hints thrown your way. Bonkers, I think all we needed was one episode where he and Fawn Deer officially announced that they will boyfriend/girlfriend. Aladdin, well even though you had Aladdin and Jasmine together, they decided to give Genie and Iago, some romantic relationships as well, so even though you had Aladdin and Jasmine as the main couple in the series, Disney gave the side characters some romantic relationships as well including the Sulton.

Gargoyles, well you had Xantos and Fox, and then later on Goliath and Elisa, and then Broadway and Angela. So yeah Disney pretty much made those three official when they saw the opportunity. But then we get to The Mighty Ducks, and here you had not one, but four possibilities. And I believe and I said this in another form of media, that the strongest hints/Easter eggs shown and hidden was for Mallory and Nosedive, now you can say that Mallory was going be paired with Wildwing or even Duke, you can even say that Tanya was going to be paired up with Wildwing or even Nosedive or even Duke or even Grin. But yet the opportunities slipped through Disney's hands and right into the hands of the fans thanks to not one but two episodes. The first being "a traitor among us" and the finale "The final face-off", and as two reviewers said in their review of the series 2 years ago, that the way the series ended, it was left in fan's hands and you can go to several fan fiction websites like and you will see what you type in Mighty Ducks, heck you can even Google it if you want, that there are several Mallory/Nosedive stories, and a few other pairings as well. So yeah in closing, this is something I just had to get off my chest, because when one thinks about it, these are just examples of the opportunities Disney had and took and had and didn't take we came to romantic pairings.

But on the bright Side, the way Disney presented each and every one of the shows, it has allowed us the fans to continue this shows in our minds and imagine and even use our imagination and read these stories and a look at it as an episode, and see what could had been and that's on the said. Leave comments and replies in your thoughts on this topic.


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