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Films to me are more than favorites to me, they are my religion
Brian Matthew Powers

I didn't start reading graphic novels until I was well out of high school in entering in junior college. But when I did, the first series of graphic novels I read were Frank Miller's Sin City and I was absolutely blown away with the art work, gritty dialogue and character development. And after I had finished reading the last one (Sin City 7: Hell and Back) I wanted to read more. I watched the first Sin City film shortly after it came out on DVD release and again just blown out of the ballpark and all I wanted was to see more of that world coming to the screen.

Finally after years of waiting, including the entire Sin City fan base are their wishes come true! With the second instalment to what may hopefully be a saga series coming to theaters this August I am completely devoting myself to this film re-reading the full-length of A Dame to Kill For and the Just Another Saturday Night segment in Booze, Broads, and Bullets. What more could I want out of this Sin City, is another [Sin City](series:1190475) novel instalment! Within Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Frank Miller wrote two new unreleased stories for the film. I'm not giving away any surprises to what we're going to see on silver screen but could be awaiting for a new Sin City novel(s) involving Nancy Callahan and this new mysterious character Johnny who has entered into a world he shouldn't have.


A new Sin City novel or not?


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