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There is some SERIOUSLY untapped cinematic potential in the Flash's power. He's like Neo but without the Kung Fu classes.

Common people, I can’t be the only one who has thought of this.
Let me take you on a journey through this wonderful dream…

The Flash is one of the few that could pull off the thousand punches a second anime combo super fight scene.

Hunter X Hunter (2011)
Hunter X Hunter (2011)

He is one of the few that could whip upside down to do an inverted spinning tornado kick, blasting everyone away, and make it work in film.

  One Piece
One Piece

He is one of the few that could pull off DBZish super midair thousand kick combos against the other DC monstrosities and make it not only believable (as speed is his power) but look hard core with red/gold lightning flashes.

Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z

He is one of the few that could do IPman blurred punches to the tenth power rolling up and down some poor soul.

Wing Chun hands
Wing Chun hands

He is one of the few that can do jujitsu locks and judo throws on like fifty plus guys in under a second and then sit down to take a drink of his coke as he watches them hit the floor one by one in the kinetic follow through.

So where is all this awesomeness that should have happened long ago?
Where is the trailer of the man doing ancient kung fu master blitz ninja kicks on a super villain like monkey on a sugar rush?
Get him schooled by Batman or something after getting stomped and have him show some skill. Oh what skill could it be!
That would cause me to sit up in my seat, mouth to the floor. That's what I want to see; the full power that is the Flash.
Couldn't the Flash’s untapped crazy awesome power so easily steal the box office returns from anything?

Now all of this is not to mention the fun moves that could be had with mini to large sonic booms (SF Guile claps?), speed friction even fire (Indian burns from hell), vibrations while holding things (even weapons, vibro-swords,staffs,paperclips,toilet brush etc) air compression (a bit of aeromancy), with a quick wave sending airwaves propelling objects etc. that you could get from taking a scientist like Barry and giving him super speed to play with.

This is also just in reference to fight scenes and the Flash's humor could be put into any of this.


What badassdom would you love to see out of the Flash's power taken seriously for once?


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