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Kristen Stewart and her bessie mate, Karl Lagerfeld have revealed the fruits of their latest collaboration in a brand new behind the scenes video of the star strutting her stuff for Chanel.

The [Clouds of Sils Maria](movie:902082) actress is shown lounging around in modern Western inspired gear, while being snapped in a variety of ultra confident poses.

The famously fearsome Lagerfeld clearly has a soft spot for his newest muse, he took some time off designing to put himself behind the camera to photograph Stewart. What an honour!

Check out the behind the scenes video below;

The theme for the shoot was 'Romantic Western', but I'm not sure that I see it myself! I am all for high fashion ridiculousness, but Stewart's first look is more matador than wrangler and don't get me started on the froofy blouse!

Poor Kristen looks about as comfortable as a doberman in a tutu, and I don't blame her with that cloud of frills threatening to engulf her face without warning!

What do you guys think of the latest Chanel collection? Hit or miss?


Would you be seen dead in the latest Chanel collection?

(Source: Hollywood Life)

(Images: Marie Claire)


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