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Kit Simpson Browne

The Expendables 3 is shaping up to be as explosive as you might imagine - the recently released new lineup look brutal, and there's even talk that the team was so tough there was no space for Hulk Hogan to appear.

Just in case more confirmation was needed, though, we now have two new images from the movie - one of which has the look of either a promo shot, or a terrifying moment for whoever has drawn the attention of the entire Expendables team.

You can check them out below:

So far, so ridiculously adrenaline-fuelled. Which is exactly what we want to see from an Expendables sequel.

What do you guys think? What photos from the set could get you even more psyched for Expendables 3? Let me know below!


What picture from the Expendables set would you most like to see?



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