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Josh Hartnett has revealed that no only was he approached to play Superman - but Batman and Spider-Man too.

The Penny Dreadful star was speaking to Details about the upcoming Showtime series, and admitted that he turned down the chance to play Superman in 2006's Superman Returns - and was in talks to play both Spider-Man and Batman at one time or another.

It's news worth taking with a pinch of salt - more or less every male actor aged 18-40 was linked with playing Superman at some point, and much the same was true of the Spider- and Bat franchises - but it's still relatively rare for an actor to straight out say that they were offered so huge a part and turned it down. Especially an actor like Hartnett whose career never quite recovered from the underwhelming Pearl Harbor - in which he happened to co-star with no other than the new Batman - Ben Affleck.

Hartnett is, however, due back on our screens in almost superheroic fashion - his new show Penny Dreadful has a fair amount in common with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. You can check him out in the show below:

What do you guys think? Should Hartnett have played Superman, or either of the other heroes? Let me know below!


Should Josh Hartnett have played Superman, or any other superhero?

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