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Sons of Anarchy will start filming its final season in less than a month - and while fans have been nervous about who will survive it for some time, it is now the cast who are coming out to say they are afraid.

And there might be few with more to fear than Juice. Theo Rossi, who plays Juice in the show, recently revealed in an interview that he's been fretting over what will happen to his character even since Season 6 wrapped.

He said:

For anybody who’s had to be near me, live with me, be friends with me, family members, it’s been a nightmare, because it’s been anxiety ever since.

In the finale of Sons of Anarchy Season 6, Jax told Juice that he knew Juice had betrayed him. And to make matters worse, Juice then walked in on Gemma killing Jax's wife, and helped her cover up the crime. As Season 7 is expected to focus of Jax's search for revenge, Juice is perhaps one of the most likely not to make it.

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There has even been some speculation that no one will survive, with fans pointing out the show's Shakespearean influences. Theo Rossi spoke about this, too:

A lot of people say that because of the whole Hamlet [comparison], and let’s be honest, every year we lose major characters left and right. The season 6 finale, I think, was the most shocking episode we ever did in every way.

You have dreams of being the last guy standing, the one riding off, but you know. I’ve done a lot of bad things.

And he certainly has.

But what do you think? Will Juice die? Will Everyone? Write in below with your thoughts on the final season of Sons of Anarchy.

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