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If you didn't already know enough about Cameron Diaz's vagina, today is your lucky day! Instead of releasing a high definition video of her most recent gyno appointment as I have previously speculated, Diaz is instead treating us to tales of her vajayjay's magical, lady loving adventures.

The star continued her relentless press campaign for [The Other Woman](movie:739914) by appearing on Watch What Happens Live and was clearly overjoyed to gleefully spill more genital related news. When Cohen asked Diaz to expand on remarks she made to Glamour Magazine about all women having a pervy inner lesbian Diaz was happy to divulge that;

Yes, I have been with a lady

Before coyly answering Cohen's question of "more than one?" with a bit of a buzz killer. Diaz slammed the breaks on the excitement by saying;

You didn't ask explicitly how I was with a lady, but I have been with a lady

One things for sure, the [Sex Tape](movie:381860) star definitely wasn't talking about being with a lady in a lift or a grocery store. And, we all know that drunkenly making out with all your friends in a gender blind orgy of teenage experimentation is a right of passage, so unless Diaz is secretly the world's biggest prude she certainly can't be taking about kissing another chica either...

That doesn't really leave many other options apart from a full blown lesbian encounter, but with who?!

Which lucky lady do you think Cameron Diaz has had an intimate encounter with, or are we taking her comments the wrong way?


Who do you think Cameron Diaz had her lesbian encounter with?

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