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Apparently there is only room for one Glee diva and her name is Lea Michele. Rumor has it Naya Rivera has been booted to the curbside after a feud with her co-star, and the details sure are sordid...

A sneaky source has revealed that there was a messy bust up on the [Glee](movie:718630) set resulting in Rivera storming off set. The source went on to say the the flight was between Rivera and the producers, but Lea's name was simply caught in the crossfire. Other gossip rags are dishing up a much more juicy platter for us to sink our teeth into though...

A blind item in Blind Gossip reports that Rivera broke her engagement with rapper Big Sean after she found out he was doing the dirty with one of her co-stars. Needless to say speculation is rife that Michele was Big Sean's secret squeeze.

Another sneaky source also revealed that;

Naya’s trailer was packed up and she was told she won’t be in the season 5 finale and won’t be in season 6, which is the final season, at all
A show insider also let this revealing statement slip;
We love Naya and want only the best for her. Hopefully we can work it out. We all needed a moment. (This break is) best for everyone

Dear me, when the fake admiration starts to flow with such staggering insincerity, you know you're screwed. See you later Rivera! Maybe you could get work as a Kim Kardashian impersonator instead?

Who knew that things could be such a song and dance on the set of such a saccharin sweet TV show, eh?

Do you think Naya Rivera was really fired from Glee?


Are any of the rumors about Naya Rivera and Lea Michele true?

(Source: Daily News and Dlisted)

(Images: Daily News and Goder Mag)


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