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Oh, Simon Kinsberg. When it comes to providing page-turning factual comic-book movie gossip, there is no greater producer in the world than him.

So it's fitting that he has now revealed that the Fantastic Four are not actually going to be called the Fantastic Four - in their own movie.

That's right - the FF will be the Fantastic Four no more. Instead, the filmmakers are going down a much grittier, more realistic road. As Kinsberg told IGN:

“This Fantastic Four movie is in some ways a reboot and in other ways just a stand-alone origin story. By the end of the movie, we don’t call them the Fantastic Four, they’re not celebrity superheroes. The tone of the movie is much more grounded and real and gritty — more in the direction of Chronicle than in the direction of the original Fantastic Four movies.”

Which is probably no bad thing - the first two FF movies could probably have done with less of the blue spandex and more of the familial bonding and superhero action that's what everyone loves the team for in the first place. Plus, Chronicle was a perfect example of how to do an origin story right - so with it's director, Josh Trank, taking the helm of the Fantastic Four reboot, Marvel's first family should be in safe hands.

Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell are set to play the heroes, with the film due for release in June 2015.

What do you guys think? Should the FF be called by their usual name in the film? Let me know below!


Should The Fantastic Four be called The Fantastic Four in the movie?



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