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Courteney Cox just showed her first film as director at the Tribeca film fesitval last week. It's called Just Before I Go and stars American Pie's Sean William Scott and if that's not enough to pique your interest (...), Cox has just revealed that she had some help with the production via. a four hour meal with none other than Fight Club director David Fincher. Speaking to Indiewire Cox had this to say:

I sent him the movie. First of all, he helped me a lot with [TV movie] 'TalhotBlond,' with getting me to focus on what I wanted it to look like. He puts things simply so you go in with a really strong vision. That was the first time I had directed, so that was really an important four hour dinner that he had with me

Fincher encouraged the Friends star to condense the film down:

It was about tone. So I ended up doing some reshoots—just one day, in my backyard, just to try to condense it and not give so much background. It was too dramatic, and there wasn't as much humor at the beginning of the movie. So I tried to condense it and tell the story as fast as possible but still giving you a sense of his living in the middle, without passion or aspirations.

She revealed that Fincher's best piece of advice came when he asked:

What do you want the audience to feel right now, at this moment?

The film's reviews so far haven't set the world alight so maybe the pair should have stuck around for dessert too. Still, must be nice having friends in such high places.

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More on Just Before I Go as we get it.


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