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Warning! The following article is speculation based on the latest Godzilla trailer. However, this speculation, if correct, could constitute spoilers.

When we heard Godzilla would be stomping his way back into cinemas, I'm sure many of us expected a slightly different version from the 1998 Godzilla. Y'know, basically a massive, radioactive lizard trashing New York before being heroically, but slightly tragically, felled by the plucky little humans.

However, the latest trailer suggests there could be something else afoot. We always knew Gareth Edwards reboot would have a different tone and more monsters, but from the from the looks of the last trailer, it almost seems like Godzilla is a good guy.

This isn't entirely unheard of in Godzilla lore. Later iterations of the Japanese kaiju did see him defending humanity from an entire bizarre menagerie of titantic beasties. However, it will certainly be surprising if this storyline makes it into the modern, Western reboot. Why do we think this? Well there are several clues in the trailer which suggest man could coax Godzilla to do their bidding in an attempt to wipe out the other kaiju. Check it out below:

Firstly, it seems like Ken Watanbe's character, Ichiro Serizawa, is a man who has had some experience of Godzilla - it would certainly fit with iterations of his character in the older Godzilla movies. Previous trailers, as well as this one, seem to contain some kind of flash-backs to 'atomic tests' in the Pacific, which were, in reality, attempts to kill a fledgling Godzilla. With these new monsters now emerging and threatening humanity, does Watanbe's character hatch a plan to 'reawaken' Godzilla? When asked by Aaron Taylor-Johnson if they can kill it, his enigmatic reply is simply "I believe something can". Furthermore, his quotes concerning the 'arrogance of man' could also be revealing. Perhaps against nature, the only thing that can win is even bigger 'nature'? Of course, most telling of all is the final quote from the trailer: "Let them fight".

Indeed, it appears that Godzilla could already be in the possession of the military. There is definitely something big and monster-y being kept secure underground. Is it Godzilla, is it one of the new kaiju? At the moment it's hard to tell.

However, this doesn't mean Godzilla is a consenting participant in this plan. Indeed, several shots of the trailer appear to show the military battling Godzilla at the Golden Gate Bridge (a landmark which Pacific Rim has taught us is a prime-Kaiju target). So does the plan go awry?

Of course, this is all speculation, but it does look like Gareth Edwards' [Godzilla](movie:45291) has a whole lot more going on in it than the 1998 version ever did.

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