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If you weren't already over-excited by the prospect of Star Wars Rebels, nows about the time to jump head first into the heady mix of Jedi, Mandalorian and Rebel Alliance action.

The show already has the look of a potential break out hit - and deservedly so, since the world could always use more Stormtroopers, especially when they're being attacked by Jedi warriors.

You can get a good look at the Rebel Scum themselves below, and if you're still in the mood for more, there's some impressive concept art to be found here.

That's right, enough Stormtroopers with inexplicably terrible aim to keep us going for weeks.

Plus - that big reveal on May 4th - Star Wars Day? Since we already know the Episode VII cast, it's set to be the release of the first Star Wars Rebels trailer!

The show is due this Fall, and will hopefully keep that Star Wars shaped hole in out hearts filled all the way through to December 2015.

What do you guys think? Will those Stormtroopers ever learn to shoot straight? Let me know below!


Will Stormtroopers ever learn how to shoot straight?



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