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Quick! Somebody call the men in white coats immediately, one of Ian Somerhalder's love interests is clearly totally cray cray!

The smouldering star revealed that he too has experienced the pain of rejection on the Chelsea Handler show, which leaves the burning question: Which loopy lady wouldn't want a bit of Somerhalder sizzle in their life?

When questioned about if anybody ever turned him down, the star was characteristically sincere when he told the host;

Actually, yeah. It recently happened. It’s cool. It was very appropriate, and it was for the better … It’s good. You have to experience these things in life

I am glad Ian has such a great attitude about the learning experience, but just who could he talking about? The finger is obviously pointing squarely towards his ex-girlfriend and [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) co-star, Nina Dobrev, but the word recently threw me off the scent.

It has been rumored that Ian is desperate to win Nina's fickle heart once more, but surely he would be too proud to simply ask her out again? Especially because it is essential they have a professional working relationship.

There is also the possibility that Somerhalder could be referring to American Idol contestant, Molly Swenson. The pair were spotted getting up close and personal at a magazine launch party recently, but maybe the rumored relationship didn't progress as Ian had expected?

Who do you think rejected Ian Somerhalder, and what has that girl been smokin'?!


The woman who rejected Ian Somerhalder is...

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