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Amy Poehler is currently experiencing a career peak of sorts. Herself and Tina Fey are the undisputed Hollywood award-show hosting queens, Poehler's hit series Parks and Rec just wrapped up its 6th season, and this summer the actress gets her first lead role on the bigger screen. She stars alongside the always enjoyable Paul Rudd in the meta Rom-Com They Came Together. Buzzfeed dropped a trailer yesterday and you can check it out below:

We're great fans of A-Poehl over here and the casting does indeed look great but you feel it might prove problematic keeping that sort of self referential gag going for a full 90 minutes.

We'll be keeping the faith all the same but will you? Let us know below.

They Came Together hits theatres and VOD on June 27th


Can they keep that gag going?


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