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Colm S. Herron

In the latest clip for the Australian outback horror Wolf Creek 2, we see Wolf Creek's villain Mick Taylor mowing down a few kangaroos with sadistic pleasure; as y'do

Check it out below:

As with horror and romcom there are always a certain amount of plot devices that go nowhere in the script. It will illustrate one thing about a character then it will be quickly tossed aside. To cultivate the sadistic nature of a character like Mick we need scenes like this, it's when the director or writer thinks to themselves 'how can we make him more sadistic'; you've just watched the results of that decision.

I don't expect the Kangaroos will show up at the end for a showdown or play a bigger thematic part like the lizards in the recent Bad Lieutenant. The scene shows a comparison between Mick and the scared teenager he's chasing, who's friends are more than likely laying cut up, burned, shot, stabbed, run over, hanged... but ultimately already dead somewhere.

Some nice mixing of real life kangaroo and CGI Kangaroo in there as well as the classic blood spatter on camera.

Wolf Creek 2 is currently on wide release.

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