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Season 4 of The Walking Dead has been hailed as one of the best, if not the best, season the show has had so far. So it is understandable that fans are eager for all the news leaking out of the show that they can get.

And with filming just about to recommence in Georgia, there are a few hints that are being pounced upon and speculated about.

The latest of these is the apparent late arrival to the set of three related characters - Beth, Carol and Tyresse.

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Most of The Walking Dead Season 4 saw the group split up - but they reunited toward the end of the season, all except Carol, Tyresse (who are with Baby Judith) and Beth, who has been kidnapped.

The three actors absence from the set might hint that they spend one or more episodes away from the others, and are not quickly reunited as some had believed they would be.

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It was The Spoiling Dead Fans who first noticed the absence of the trio, who are played by Melissa McBride, Chad Coleman and Emily Kinney, respectively. They wrote on their Facebook page:

Most of the actors are back in Georgia and have tweeted their arrival. No news on Melissa, Chad or Emily as of yet. Plenty of things going on set up wise. Terminus has had a bunch of activity going on late night the past couple of days for set up. Filming is right around the corner!

So what do you think? Does the three actors' late return mean that they will not feature in the debut episode?

And does that in turn mean a longer, and potentially more dangerous stay at Terminus for the others?

Write in with your own thoughts and speculations below the line

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