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It's about time to start getting ramped up for Season 5 of The Walking Dead - the show is about to begin filming once more down in Atlanta. That means it's also time to start working on the show's stars for clues about what to expect from the next season.

Fortunately, Entertainment Weekly have already managed to get Norman Reedus, aka fan favorite Daryl Dixon, to spill the beans on what he knows.

So far, Reedus what he knows seems to involve very little detail about what's actually to come in Season 5, but what he does know sounds like it could be explosive viewing:

“From what I know, it’s gonna be just completely insane...I sort of knew I needed like a good month to rest to jump in. The storyline they’re throwing me is a thousand miles an hour.”

The reason he doesn't know more? Creator Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple are just as cautious with what they tell the cast as they are with the media:

“Those guys are very good at telling you a bunch of stuff, and you sit there for an hour and you walk away and go, ‘What the hell did he just say? What’s going on?’ They’re very good at masking what they want to tell you.”

What do you guys think this means for Season 5? Will Dixon survive the 'thousand mile an hour' onslaught? Let me know below!


Will Daryl Dixon survive Season 5?

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