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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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As horror fans, we're often bemoaning the fact that our best-loved heroes get sucked dry. Too many sequels, too many thoughtless can get a serial murderer down!

But what about when the opposite is true? What if a horror icon is full-blown awesome, but their movies don't allow them to reach their full potential? Whether they outgrew their franchise or simply didn't get enough screen time, here's 7 horror icons who I reckon had so much more to give...


The Tall Man - Phantasm (1979)

Image: Morbidly Amusing
Image: Morbidly Amusing

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Phantasm movies, but the Tall Man could have pulled off a horror movie that was actually scary. Phantasm was a great forerunner of all those daft 80's movies you loved to watch and chuck popcorn at the TV set, but wouldn't keep you up at night. With a few tweaks, the Tall Man could have really scared us.

Suggested Movie Title: The Tall Man Cometh


Pumpkinhead - Pumpkinhead (1988)

OK, so he may look like a fire broke out in the Doctor Who props department, but Pumpkinhead is seriously scary! This may or may not be because of how stupidly young I was when I watched this film against my mom's orders...Anyhow, we got two Pumpkinheads, then two more that were straight-to-video. We need more proper Pumpkinhead joy!

Suggested Movie Title: Pumpkinhead Rises


The Collector - The Collector (2009)

Ugh, he's so creepy! Masks are usually pretty effective for a horror villain, but The Collector's is so functional and 'real world' that it's extra chilling. He kind of looks like your average cat burglar...a really, really messed up burglar. The 2009 movie was critically panned, but the titular baddie could totally rock a movie in his own right.

Suggested Movie Title: The Collector at Midnight


Sam Harper - Uncle Sam (1996)

Try to ignore for a second that big bad Sam looks like a terrifying dystopia where Glam Rock versions of That Creepy Guy on The Bus have taken over America, and focus on the fact that Sam Harper is one hell of a scary old guy. I love writer Larry Cohen's comic horror stylings, but I reckon Uncle Sam could be played for straight horror in the future.

Suggested Movie Title: Uncle Sam 2: The Red, White and Blood


Gurdy the Clown - 100 Tears (2007)

100 Tears struggled for lack of budget, but there's no denying the ugly brutality of the murderous clown. Armed with a MASSIVE butcher's knife and sporting the silent-but-deadly mime face of a thousand nightmares, Gurdy could properly terrorize a generation given a rewrite and a few more bucks in finanical backing. Kickstarter, anyone?

Suggested Movie Title: 100 Tears More: Gurdy's Revenge


Chris Vale - Halloween Night (2006)

I will always love Halloween Night, partly because it's a joyous slasher-romp of a movie, but mostly because you get to see a topless lesbian in a Tudor gown punching a horribly deformed killer repeatedly in the face. This being said, Chris Vale (the deformed guy) is truly gruesome, and he could pull off a scarier deal than this (albeit charming) piece of lovable silliness.

Suggested Movie Title: Halloween Nightmare


ChromeSkull - Laid to Rest (2009)

Looking like some sort of badass cross between a Robocop-era bad guy and a character from Tekken, ChromeSkull is pretty unusual for a late-noughties villain. He's got a mask, a signature weapon and some unbridled brutality - I say he's a horror icon in the making. ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 may not have been the greatest vehicle for his comeback: we need more ChromeSkull!

Suggested Movie Title: ChromeSkull: No Rest For the Wicked


Are you gagging for some character development for Belial from Basket Case? Or maybe you're just desperate for another Boogeyman...Which horror icons to you feel have So Much More to Give?


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