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Finally the right kind of information is coming out of DC, 9 potential DC films and we know the names of a few. The rest Ill just have to speculate/pray for.

According to reports there are 9 DC movies being planned right now. That doesn't mean we are getting 9 DC movies any time soon though, this seems like a floor plan for what is to come. Remember Marvel producer Kevin Feige said that they have every movie planned until 2028, guess it doesn't hurt to plan ahead. Well this is DC kick starting their efforts and making a statement that they are on track to pump out the required movies to both satisfy their shared universe and any one offs.

So what are these 9 movies, well we have known for awhile about the Sandman, now we are told that movies for the Metal Man, Fables, 100 Bullets and Shazam are in the works. When I first heard about the 9 DC films I was all smiles, then I read the names of the 5 reported ones. To be honest, I completely ignored everything I was reading because I saw the name SHAZAM (Captain Marvel if you refuse to acknowledge the name change). Being a big fan of the guy I was glad there was one name I could say my friends would also know. It is pretty big news even though its just a name on a piece of paper with no attached actors, director or known script. Yet we all know he will eventually make it into the Justice League. How can they not, if they are confident enough to add Cyborg into [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) then they can add Shazam into Justice league. If you are scratching your head over the other names on the list then go search them up, I think you'll be surprised. The only question now is what are the other movies from the list of 9.

We all know by now that the Justice League has been announced and also given a director. That guy, incase you missed it is [Man of Steel](movie:15593) director, Zack Snyder. I think most people assumed that since he also got the job for Man of Steel 2 (Batman vs Superman) that he would helm the Justice League. Which is funny since now it's official there seem to be a lot of upset fan boys. I guess they were waiting for the official word so they could officially complain on the comment pages. I love it though, the controversy that DC throws out constantly is prime fuel for people who weren't fans of Man of Steel. I guess it was just a neck snap to far for some.

With Batman vs Superman (or what ever they end up calling it) coming out in 2016 (seems so far away) people speculated that Justice League would follow in 2017 being shot back to back with BvS. Now that it's confirmed to be happening we'll still have to wait on the date and thats one of the interesting things with DC films, the timing. We all know the winning formula for Marvel, release stand alone films for each hero then smash them together in Avengers and watch the magic happen. As for DC, well its doing its own thing. Good on for them I say, do they want to follow the exact same formula as Marvel? Wouldn't that sort of amount to saying that their biggest competitor is doing it right and completely nailing it? DC stated that Man of Steel was their spring board into their shared universe and if it did well (which it did), then they would gear up for more DC films.

So we have 5 films with already stated, what are the other 4? Green Lantern, Flash, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), Martian Manhunter, Black Adam, [Aquaman](movie:264237), the other Green Lantern (John Stuart), even cyborg is on my list now that he's officially in BvS. There are so many possibilities to think of, 'm just throwing out the most obvious ones but theres sure to be many surprises considering some of the ones they already stated.

Since we know that Justice League is coming my thoughts turn to the two big characters from Justice League who aren't in BvS (that we know). Flash and Green Lantern will 100% be in JL, why you ask? Because the internet would explode if they aren't. Also what about Martin Manhunter, surely he's going to be in one of the JL movies. The same can be said of Aquaman, once the joke of the Justice League, has turned into a badass in his own right. Thanks to the comics and some of the animated stuff he's gone from zero to Hell yes. If your up to date with your easter eggs from Man of Steel you will know all about the hints towards some of the characters I just mentioned. If not go search those up too, there were so many I missed mainly because they were on screen for a fraction of a second.

So DC is actually gearing up and fans are getting the feeling that the shared universe is going to be epic just like Marvels shared universe. Theres no competition between the two right now, Marvel has it hands down. Shared Universe wise anyway, they did start way back in 2008 and DC only started in 2013.

All I can say is, what movies are you hoping for in the near future? Do you even know of the characters I'm talking about, if so release your trove of knowledge for those who have no clue as to who or what is going on.


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