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"Woah, that got 'em!"

Those are the words of Wedge Antilles, the Rebel's sharpshooting survivor of three, count 'em, three of three original STAR WARS film-battles including the siege on the first Death Star in A NEW HOPE... the Imperial Walker attack on Hoth in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK... and the second Death Star challenge in RETURN OF THE JEDI.

The uncle of Ewan McGregor, a more popular actor who, despite much talent in other projects, would play the younger Obi Wan in the horrendous prequels, our subject, Mr. Lawson, also appeared in the cult movie LOCAL HERO where he cooks an injured rabbit for his Scotland based Bed & Breakfast, and can be seen in a handful of other projects throughout the years...

But it's his role as Wedge Antilles that fans of the original STAR WARS universe will always remember... Because Wedge is an omnipresent presence: from that initial dogfight to dancing on Endor with the celebrating teddybear Ewoks, he's never not around...

Also to note, Wedge has an entire series of expanded universe books dedicated to him, and he's obviously the second best flyer in the galaxy, so why the heck would he be excluded from the continuing saga? Or will three be his limited charm?

By James M. Tate

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