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I don't like hating on Laurel Lance, so this new clip for tonight's penultimate "City of Blood" episode was definitely a nice change of pace. In it, we see Laurel and her pops finally contributing something meaningful to the plot.

We don't know why yet, but the father-daughter team is definitely on to Sebastian Blood as a villain, which pretty much spells out the plot for tonight's episode. Blood is going down, and thank goodness because the villain count was getting a little crowded, what with Ravager joining the Anti-Oliver Queen & Friends Coalition.

It's pretty laughable that Sebastian would make such a stupid mistake like writing a press release for the death of someone you're about to murder time stamped a day before she is...murdered. They better have a decent explanation for that.

As someone who has written dozens of press releases, I can honestly say that it's probably not worth writing one a day in advance to save yourself....ummm 20 minutes. But OK; I guess the Mayor-elect of Starling City is just a busier guy than me (and apparently needs to hire an intern).

I also want to know who the hacker cop is, because if there's one thing we know about Arrow, it's that the tertiary characters who actually have personality and dialogue seem to always be based on someone from the comics. I'm drawing a blank here, so I'll leave it to some cleverer fans to speculate.


Who's Detective Dan The Hacker (Working Title)?


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