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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

I like my horror movies however they come: daft, brutal or straight up mind-warpingly disturbing. However, even as a committed horror obsessive, I found some of these facts pretty shocking...

1. Tony Todd really did this for Candyman.

Those sick S.O.B.s actually stuffed his mouth with REAL BEES to film that Candyman scene. I think this calls for a Nic Cage GIF...


2. The skeletons in Poltergeist are not props.

Those are real human skeletons. Apparently it was cheaper to buy human ones than plastic ones! WHAT?


3. Ghostface's robe in Scream was meant to be white...

...before Wes Craven realised that'd look too much like a KKK outfit!


4. Those gross little cocoons in The Silence of the Lambs? Edible.

The cocoons were made from tootsie rolls and gummy bears. Still don't fancy a bite?


5. That's Tim Curry's real hair in IT.

This actually disturbs me a whole lot.


6. Sissy Spacek is very comfortable with blood.

Rather than break continuity, Spacek slept in blood-soaked clothes for three days while filming Carrie. OK, so it was fake blood, but she told director Brian De Palma that she was more than willing to be doused in pig's blood if he wanted. Awww!


7. You can lick a zombie, if you want.

Romero used Bosco chocolate syrup for blood in Night of the Living Dead.


8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was originally called...

HEAD CHEESE. For all you vegetarians, this is extra-gross because 'headcheese' is actually a kind of meat jelly made from head parts of pigs and cattle. Or, y'know, humans if you're as crazy as Leatherface.


9. Human Centipede diapers are a thing.

Akihiro Kitamura (the front of the Centipede) said, 'We had to wear this special underwear, like a diaper... a hard diaper, and where my ass is there’s this rubber thing for the actress to bite onto it. When we were trying that in the beginning, they were feeling it a little bit.' GROSS.


10. The Girl Next Door really happened.

The abuse and murder of Sylvia Likens, described by the prosecutor as 'the most terrible crime ever committed in the state of Indiana' sadly actually happened. Some events in the movie - including the horrific blowtorch scene - were changed, but the 1965 case was the tragic factual basis for the movie.


Sorry for warping your fragile little mind with these creepy facts...but as a horror hound, you probably loved it...Share this with someone to cause instant distress... go on, you know you want to...


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