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Sony has made a bizarre announcement:

"After seeing THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 – opening on May 2nd - be sure to Shazam the end credit sequence to unlock a look into the sinister future. Download @Shazam on iTunes or GooglePlay. "

What is SHAZAM? Well, the old man had to go find out. YES, I have a smart phone. NO, I don't keep up with the coolest, new apps. According to their site:

Shazam connects more than 420 million people, in 200 countries and 33 languages, to the music, TV shows and ads they love. Every month another 15 million people embrace Shazam. All this makes us the world’s leading media engagement company. It’s an amazing app, available now on all major app stores and platforms. And we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to delight our users.

When the Shazam App is used with the end credits song to Amazing Spider-Man 2, "It's On Again" by Alicia Keys, the user is taken to a screen that says "Look closely for plans of a SINISTER FUTURE."

It looks like they might tease Doc Ock's arms, Vulture's wings, Goblin's Glider, Rhino's horn...all of which we have seen before. But they added Kraven's spear and Mysterios helmet? I really don't know if the above video is supposed to be that tease, but, if so, it's real vague.

The FACTs are the scripts not done yet and filming for SINISTER SIX doesn't begin till next January. Bottom line. Teaser. That's all it was. The six are not officially in place yet, but far be it for Sony to pass up an opportunity to market the fan-boys and girls into a frenzy for a tidbit of nothing. Needless to say, we're excited...all of us!! But, Sony, don't play us too much....

Word of warning though. Wait for the end credits. Don't use your phone DURING the movie...not a good idea...


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