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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding exponentially with each film and it shows no sign of slowing down. More and more characters, heroes, villains and everything in between are showing up on the big screen. With all these characters coming forth, and with DC leading their universe with the revamped Superman, could we ever see any of the characters that have commonly been known as Marvel equivalents to the Man of Steel?

Marvel has several characters in this category but I'll focus on what I consider to be the top three contenders and whether or not they could show up in a Marvel movie at some point down the cinematic road.

Hyperion is probably the closest character over at Marvel to Superman as far as abilities origin goes. Hyperion is an alien from a distant planet whose powers include super strength flight heat vision and a myriad of others.. sound familiar??

Now, with the movies like Thor and its sequel along with the Guardians of the Galaxy comes the worlds and characters beyond the Earth. This lends itself to make it possible for lifeforms from planets like where Hyperion is from to make an appearance, whether its on Earth or on a different planet in conflict with the Guardians and/or Thor.

In my opinion, Hyperion would be a great villian against certain heroes and even the Avengers at some point. Now the obvious issue with Hyperion is that he is so similar to superman, but I dont really see that as an issue. His power set is similar and his traditional outfit looks like superman's with inverted colors, However, the character is wildly different an is initially a villain to the Marvel heroes. This along with the very different tones that Marvel and DC have with their movies makes me think that bringing Hyperion in wouldnt be too much of an issue. And to make it a little easier, they can take away his traditional costume and give him the newer one he wears in the comics to differentiate him even more.

Hyperion in a different Outfit
Hyperion in a different Outfit

Blue Marvel is a lesser known hero but he is often compared to Superman and more specifically Icon. As far as powers and origins go, he's not that similar to the Man of Steel but his story is no less compelling and interesting.


Adam Brashear is a former fullback at Cornell University who graduated magna cum laude, and a veteran of the Korean War, a member of the Marine Corps with two Silver Stars.[5] While in the Marine Corps he met Conner Sims, the friend he would later know as "Anti-Man". Brashear later became the project lead on a scientific attempt to harness anti-matter through the creation of a "Negative Reactor" which created a bridge between the Negative Zone and the positive matter universe. This reactor would then allow for an almost unlimited source of clean energy by allowing devices to tap the energy generated by a stable event horizon balanced between these positive and negative universes. Due to the unexpected explosion of the reactor, both Brashear and Sims were subjected to mutagenic radiation generated by the then unstable event horizon. While Sims' body decohered into energy, Brashear became a stable "antimatter reactor" and developed a set of superhuman abilities.[6]

The comparisons to superman come from his character, the fact that he flies with a cape on and his physical strength is among the highest on Marvel's Earth (616). Blue Marvel is a good hero but I dont know about adding him to the MCU. He is a strong and compelling character, and I would love to add some diversity to the Avengers, however within the MCU you already have a good amount of smart people, between Tony stark, bruce banner and the upcoming Ant-man, the genius quota has been met by far. Also, even though he has many different outfits that are less cheesy than his traditional one, I just dont see it, and Blue marvel is just too corny for me to get behind.

Last but not least is in my opinion, the most compelling and interesting of the three. The Sentry is strong, fast and can fly. He looks cool and doesn't talk too much, but what makes him interesting is that he is a hero who is also his arch nemesis the Void.

I'm not sure if he can fit into the current MCU, but I think he can. He's has some popularity and brings some characteristics to this world that has been lacking other than ethnic diversity.

Let me know whatcha think


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