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So, how are you 'TWD'-loving fanatics doing now that we are a little over a month into the show's in-between seasons break? Not doing all that well, you say? Well, I share your grief. We are still five months away from the debut of season five. FIVE MONTHS!!! Good news is that we still have plenty of time to speculate and share our respective opinions on what may happen next on The Walking Dead.

Lately, I have been contemplating one very important thing: the group's escape from Terminus. How in the world will Rick and co. manage to get out of that train compartment they are currently locked up in? And, what will they have to do to fight all those on Gareth's side?

Remember Rick's rallying cry to the group during the latter moments of the season four finale?

He tries to convince the group that they are a tougher bunch than Gareth and his group of cohorts by saying:

They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.

To this, Abraham asked the obvious question:

Find out what?

And Rick's now-infamous reply was:

They're screwing with the wrong people.

So, it sounds like Rick may either have a plan in mind already, or he may be formulating a plan. Whatever the case, it certainly sounds like he has confidence in not only himself, but also his group. It's a good thing, too, because an effective leader needs to feel very confident in order to instill that same degree of confidence, so to speak, into his followers.

Even though we have to wait until October to find out what Rick has in mind, I have actually devised an escape plan of sorts that might get the group out of Terminus. Mind you, I am no expert in strategic planning; Rick, however, should be decently adequate at that, since he was a sheriff before the zombie apocalypse began. Nevertheless, I will attempt to lay out a plan as best as I can (don't be surprised if it is a completely horrible idea).

Basically, my plan involves the group receiving help from the outside, literally. They will need someone, or some people, to first figure out that they are trapped inside Terminus. I firmly believe that help will come in the form of Carol and Tyreese. Then, if/when both of them find Rick and co., they all may be better able to deal with all the Terminus residents.

So, here is my plan:

Like I stated before, Carol and Tyreese will first have to figure out that Rick and co. are trapped inside a particular train compartment near what appears to be the back area of Terminus:

One way they can at least figure out that the group did indeed get inside Terminus is by finding that stash of weapons Rick hid near the outskirts of the place. That was before he, Michonne and Carl jumped the fence to head inside, if you recall.

With the extra guns and ammunition in hand, Tyreese will then probably choose to get inside Terminus as well, to which Carol will most probably disagree. My guess is that she will want to scout the place out first from behind the fences, much like Rick, Michonne and Carl did. Tyreese will agree that her idea is best so as to prevent getting caught.

During their espionage, a couple of scenarios can occur. If Carol and Tyreese run into a wandering "Termite," then they could perhaps try to capture said wanderer and obtain valuable intel. If not, then they will just have to try and sneak in. The latter scenario is obviously dangerous, and it makes them more prone to being seen. But if Carol and Tyreese do cross paths with a few "Termites," I do not think they would be as willing to join them as Rick was. Carol's willingness to trust strangers might have been severely hampered by what happened with Lizzie and Mika.

What I hope happens is that they both run into that pile of what appeared to be human remains that Rick, Michonne and Carl encountered as they were trying to dodge bullets fired by various Terminus folks:

That would solidify Carol's distrust in Terminus, and Tyreese would have little to no choice but to agree. After that, they would encounter the other train compartments filled with prisoners:

Hopefully, Carol and Tyreese notice that there are people inside them. The train compartment Rick and co. are trapped in would not be too far from those. Of course, this assumes that Carol and Tyreese are able to sneak all the way without being detected, which is unlikely to happen.

What if they are seen by Gareth and co.?

Surely, Gareth will try to recruit Carol and Tyreese. If he were to figure out that they both are Rick's friends, then he may have them both locked up in a different area, most likely. If Gareth and his huge group were to engage Carol and Tyreese in a firefight (if they happen to provoke Gareth), then the whole mission would reach what would perhaps be the highest level of difficulty.

Since it is only two of them (and those "Termites" can have an entire area surrounded in a matter of seconds, evidently), I believe that the best style of fighting that Carol and Tyreese could use is a hit-and-run technique. They are obviously extremely incapable of attacking Gareth and co. in a purely tactical manner, but Carol and Tyreese are physically gifted enough to be able to run fast. As a result, the two of them could outmaneuver those dreaded, seemingly cannibalistic "Termites" a bit with well-timed, spaced-out attacks. There seems to be a lot of good places in Terminus that could provide cover for Carol and Tyreese in case they come under fire. If used effectively, the hit-and-run technique could cause disorientation and confusion amongst the Terminus folks.

There is a good chance Rick and his group will hear the firefight taking place. Being as intelligent as he is, Rick will know that the Terminus residents would not be firing at each other; meaning that other survivors are trying to evade them. If Rick and co. could yell loud enough over the sound of firing guns, maybe Carol and Tyreese would be able to not only hear them, but identify the voices immediately.

With a bit of good fortune, Carol and Tyreese will reach the back area of Terminus, and they would then locate the right train compartment. Afterwards, Carol could very quickly go and free Rick and co., while Tyreese stays close by to provide cover fire if need be.

Recall: Andrea, Philip and Hershel are dead
Recall: Andrea, Philip and Hershel are dead

Once they are all together again, they would be better able to quickly come up with a new strategy to escape Terminus for good. Perhaps the best way to do that would be for them to first think of a place to meet up once they are all out of that mysterious place. Then, they could separate into several mini-groups to try and surround the entire perimeter of Terminus. Now, each mini-group could infiltrate the various building within Terminus, taking out as many "Termites" as possible, including Gareth. With enough skill and luck, Rick and co. could have the rest of them completely surrounded. The decision of whether or not to leave them there and go, or kill them and take Terminus for themselves, will probably be made by Rick. However, my guess is that Rick and co. will actually leave Terminus, and then head somewhere safer.

End of my plan

Let's just hope that the attempt at escaping actually turns out fine. I predict that a major character or two will die trying to do just that; Sasha or Glenn seem like the most likely candidates to be killed off next, in my opinion.

But anyway, there you have my ultimate Terminus escape plan. Okay, it is not all that great, admittedly. And, this plan would probably break down the second the characters start implementing it. But, as someone who has NO experience in planning strategically, much less planning an escape from anywhere (my home included, since my parents would catch me immediately), this is the best I could come up with.

One aspect of my plan that I am sure of is that Rick and co. will need outside help. Whether that kind of help come from Carol, or Tyreese, or both, or neither, they will need it. The only other way I see them escaping is if Rick captures a "Termite" that happens to open the door to the train compartment. But even then, there would not be enough weapons to suffice a successful escape for the entire group, not even most of them. This is why that stash of weapons Rick hid will have to factor into the whole "busting out of Terminus with our lives intact" deal.

Regardless, we will have to be patient for five more months to find out what actually occurs. The Walking Dead's season five will debut at some point in October, so be sure not to miss it!

Let me know in the comments section below what you all think of my plan. Be critical! But please, be respectful as well. Also, if any of you have any fancy (or totally outrageous) Terminus escape plans of your own, do not hesitate to share them.


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