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While going through my E-mail a couple of days ago, I saw where I had connected with the CEO of ScreenRant and had another E-mail saying I could message/E-mail him anytime. This made me curious, since I have never had a CEO or any other Important person do that before. I decided to check the website to see if he was legit and ran across the Article on "Batman Day" which just was published 7 hours ago and of which I wasn't aware. The original Article came from Michael Kennedy on ScreenRant and states in part:

"In an effort to celebrate the Caped Crusader's 75th Anniversary, DC is teaming up with thousands of comic book shops and regular bookstores across America to turn Wednesday, July 23rd into National "Batman Day." and "One of the main draws of "Batman Day" will be a FREE, LIMITED EDITION (caps mine) re-imagining of Detective Comics #27, which is where The Dark Knight first debuted." The article goes on to state that noted Graphic Designer Chip Kidd and Bestselling Author Brad Meltzer are the creative team on the book.

There will also be several other collectibles for sale including a 75th Anniversary Cape, Bookmarks, Graphic Novels, and FOUR replica masks designed by Comic Artist Ryan Sook. Each Mask will spotlight a different period in Batman History.

From the Original Article, "Those being his original look, the Adam West TV variation, his Frank Miller drawn Dark Knight Returns era appearance, and his current design from DC's New 52." and "Batman Day" will also see the debut of two brand new DC series featuring Robin. The first one will be "Robin Rises" featuring the current Robin and the other will be "Grayson" which will spotlight the original Robin. For those unable to make it to "Batman Day" due to other commitments, DC will be offering Digital Downloads of the Special Batman #27 through their website as well as other major providers.

To finish things off as far as the original story goes, ScreenRant also states that "Those without the means to buy up all the cool Batman memorabilia available will have the opportunity to take part in a separate, smaller "Batman Day" being held at over 1,000 public libraries across the USA on Saturday, July 26th."

With the new Batman inspired show "Gotham" coming out this fall and Batman not only co-headlining the new Superman Movie, but also with that movie apparently being used as a springboard for the Justice League movie it looks like Batman, Superman and the other League Members may be heading into a new era of prominence.

With all of that being said, do you think that Batman is getting Press that should rightfully be going to Superman? Do you think Superman (or Wonder Woman) will get his/her own day? Is DC rushing into a JL movie (I don't think so) in your opinion? As always comment below and follow me on [email protected] if you like.


Should Superman have got his own day before Batman?


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