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It's not surprising for directors, executives, and writers to come up with scenes that eventually get cut from movies. If we're lucky, those extended looks are released to the public through Blu-rays, DVDs, and the Internet (I'm still holding to see Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane in one of [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593)'s extras!). However, oftentimes scenes get cut before they're even shot. And it can be a travesty. I recently got to meet Peter Parker himself, Andrew Garfield, and he talked about one particular scene that should've made the film. Here's hoping this will make it's way into the sequel:

Andrew Garfield: There was a great scene that we shot that was actually storyboarded out where Peter's being accused of being a vigilante. Aunt May gives him the idea of, well, if you're so upset that Spider-Man is being misunderstood, why don't you take pictures of him. Maybe sell them to the Bugle, or whatever. And there's this scene we developed where I put on the Spider-Man suit and I'm going through Central Park and I've got this cat under my arm. I'm coming out of the bushes and I, like, put the cat in a tree and I set up my camera. The final button on the joke was I put the cat in the tree, I set up the camera on a timer, attempting to rescue the cat. The cat is like, peeing on my arm, and then I have to reset it, and then he's scratching my arm, clawing at my face, and then there was one more little vignette. Then finally, there's a picture of me saving a basset hound.

Peter Parker definitely has more of a Buster Keaton comedic vibe in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and I think this is one example where they could have really hit it out of the park. What about you? Do you want to see more Spidey quips and jokes in Marc Webb's universe?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be released May 2.


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