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Ever since we the end credits scene of THOR: The Dark World, the comic gurus have been all a twitter with excitement. For among the collection of the...well...Collector was a huge and ugly cocoon that seems to only serve as a backdrop for the meeting between the Collector and twosome of Asgardians bearing gifts. But, to those in the know, it was a sign; a sign that Adam Warlock was on his way!

The fateful cacoon
The fateful cacoon

But there has been no real sign that this could be true. I mean, was it a misdirection? A boondoggle? Well, apparently not!

"Okay, this time, after I brought Adam Warlock back from the dead in The Infinity Revelation, someone at Marvel anonymously put a corporation-wide-no-use restriction on the character, effectively putting the brakes on the ongoing plans I had for him and [Thanos]," Starlin wrote.

Jim Starlin who not only created Thanos and Drax who will be in Guardians of the Galaxy out in August, but wrote some of the greatest story lines in the cosmic theater of Marvel. He was apparently working on a reunion of Thanos and Warlock when Marvel put the block on. A complete lock-down!

"When I started on The Infinity Revelation, I asked about Adam's status, was told no one had any plans for him and that he was dead. So I brought him back to life in the graphic novel and made plans to use him further.
I turned in a plot to Tom Brevoort, which included Adam Warlock, and about two months later Tom informed me about the hold but said he couldn't explain it to me. That's when I took on the Savage Hulk story arc, to keep busy until the hold was lifted and built up some more advanced storyline for the proposed project (The Infinity Duel). The hold is still in place and, apparently, shows no signs of being lifted any time in the future. So I'm moving on."

Now, if that isn't a sign, I don't know what is!

But it was, of course, inevitable. For the character Adam Warlock was popular for on particular piece of jewelry place precariously on his forehead: The infinity Gem/ The soul gem!

Warlock is an amazing character with an amazing story full of pathos and destiny he fights to the end. But I digress...

Notice the cocoon....
Notice the cocoon....

Adam Warlock debuted in Fantastic Four #66-67 (1967) as a mysterious character who came to be called HIM in Thor #165-166. That's when the, then, Marvel Editor-in-chief, Roy Thomas, joined up with penciler, Gil Kane, to make him Adam Warlock, the cosmic messiah. Thomas himself admitted that he was inspired by JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR and pushed the envelope toward a 'Christ like figure'.

Jim Starlin took the helm of the character in Strange Tales #178-181 (Feb.-Aug. 1975) and sent him to the stars. He also introduced the story that would help define the character; THE MAGUS SAGA. In this story, he came into conflict with, not only, the mad Titan, Thanos, but with his own future. For he came into conflict with an evil future counterpart showing him just how far he might go.

Sorry if this becomes spoilers, but Warlock remains one of Thanos' main nemesis. In fact, I doubt that Marvel could tell the story they are attempting with out Warlock. His ongoing fight with Thanos and his connection with the soul gem and the Infinity Gauntlet make him a must do character. But how? Will he get his own movie maybe in Phase IV? Will he merely be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie they have successfully withheld from us? Time will tell, to be sure. But, mark my words, Marvel putting the LOCK on the Warlock character is an outright telegraphing of their plans to bring him to the MCU. And I, for one, cannot wait!


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