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Nicolas Carmona

The backdoor pilot episode for the spin-off and with it I have mixed feelings.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

We have the guys heading to Chicago to solve a case, a case that was first handily experienced by Ennis Ross, who sees a Freddy Kruger look alike killing a bunch of people and little does he know that these are monsters. This sets off the rest of the story with Ennis trying to solve the case even after Sam and Dean advice against it, we also learn that Chicago is ruled by five monster families and they have been trying to avoid war. As an overall episode, it was alright, possibly the weakest of the season, but it does set up interesting grounds for the spin-off.

And these two are possibly the forefront for the spin-off and here is where my mixed feelings come from (excluding the weak episode); Ennis played by Lucien Laviscount though a good actor, his story or rather his reasoning going forward is too cliche, the whole revenge factor is overplayed and that is how we began the series so I kind of wished they had taken a different approach; hopefully if the spin-off gets approved he can prove me wrong and that his motives will lead into a good and engaging story. Now, the shape-shifter David, played by Nathaniel Buzolic, personally has a better story going forward; he seems that he wants to live a normal life but he also wants to stop the upcoming war; which now seeing the other side (monsters) trying to do good is a much more interesting story. Take out the Romeo and Juliet and add more of The Godfather and this part of the story-line is something worth of a series.

I am still not sure how I feel about the spin-off, to me Supernatural and it's universe has always been consisted of Dean and Sam "Saving people, hunting things, the family business" so breaking away from it might be very distracting (but willing to give it a shot); another thing is how the spin off will be affected by Supernatural events because we all know the top dogs of the hunting world are Sam and Dean and they have encountered a bunch of big threats that affect the rest of the earth. So in short words I am having mixed feelings about the spin-off, maybe I am too protective of Supernatural world, but I guess we shall see we have partly a good story to go from.

What did you think of the backdoor pilot and the future of the spin-off?


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