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I recently wrote an article about my top 5 favorite directors, 3/5 have made superhero movies, but here is my top 10 superhero movies. Enjoy.

10: X-Men: First Class

A great movie, it brought the X-Men franchise back and Matthew Vaughn is a brilliant director, he made a great movie with the perfect Wolverine cameo ever to be made, a great cast and thus a great movie!

9: Thor: The Dark World

Although not the best movie to come from Marvel, its still very enjoyable, one of my favorites. Loki is just fantastic and humorous, Thor is awesome, Jane is still in love with Thor but she got to slap Loki and make Lady Sif jealous so that's always fun, we got to see a crazy scientists who was thrilled to hear the news that Loki died, or did he? Hahahahaha

8: The Amazing Spider-man

A masterful reboot, Marc Webb created a masterpiece that I was skeptical about, I grew up with the Raimi Spider-man trilogy and loved them, but I tried watching the original Spider-man and I couldn't, its simply not as good. The Amazing Spider-man took Spider-man to the next level and the 2nd one as well, I have been watching this everyday for the past week.

7: Captain America: The First Avenger

A great start for Captain America, going back to World War 2 and showing how everything happened, Chris Evans brought a sort of uniqueness to Cap and thus making a great Captain America, I cant wait for the 3rd one.

6: Superman

The original Superman, an enjoyable movie even if you can tell where its fake, but I think that's what makes this movie so great, Christopher Reeve embodies what no one was able to do at the time and even though that suit looks awful (a blue spandex with a sewn on cape, hell yea) and I know, 70's, not much was super like it is today, but still love this movie, saw at Target and bought it a couple months ago.

5: Iron man

The perfect start for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey Jr. made a superb Iron Man, the movie was fantastic, watched it last week and still love it. A great origin and great jump starter.

4: Avengers

If I get a bunch of hate for putting this so far back well I'm not changing it. A great movie, very funny, a great team, this movie is just marvelous but not the best Marvel movie, there is another.

3: Man of Steel

I love this movie, just absolutely love this movie, Henry Cavill I think was the perfect Superman for the modern era. Man of Steel was relatable, realistic, fun, dark, amazing, and out of this world.

2: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is the best Marvel to date, I loved this so much and everything about it was new. It was a new kind of superhero movie and it worked very well. Steve and Natasha had a great relationship in the movie and she was just always talking about him dating and I love it, this movie needs to come to DVD.

1: The Dark Knight

This one shouldn't have been a big surprise, I absolutely adore this movie, I worship this movie, Christopher Nolan is my favorite director and he is amazing, his movies are all unique and new and are just amazing. Christian Bale is my Batman, I don't like Ben Affleck and don't think he will be a perfect fit but I don't know the script so I can't say anything. This movie has everything a Batman movie needed and more, it had Joker, Two-face and some other people that are awesome.

That's my list, what did you think? Let me know your favorite superhero movies in the comments below.


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