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SymphonicVenom ateyourmom'sbrains

Okay, we all know that Venom is a alien. And aliens come from space. I bet your already thinking "Spiderman 3 already ruined Venom's space origin!" well hear me out. The amazing spiderman three is not coming out for a couple years, and right now they are working on a guardians of the galaxy movie right now. What if the use the GOTG to foreshadow Venom. Think about it, in the amazing spiderman game from what we have seen so far, Carnage is in the custody of Oscorpe, but what about Venom? We haven't seen much on him yet, just seen a brief scene of him. If you haven't seen carnage yet check out the trailer.

Back to my theory. What if at some point in the guardians the bring back a space rock secretly containing Venom later to be handed over to Oscorpe where it creates Carnage and later escapes. Or what if Eddie Brock, being a reporter, gets caught snooping around oscorpe and is forced to bond with Venom. Maybe he accidently releases Venom leaving Oscorpe with the Carnage symbiote. Well tell me what you think.


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