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I can't believe this movie is real ...

Yes, this god awful animation above is in the actual film and that's not the worst thing about this movie, trust me.

Why in the hell is Mr. Clean in this flick?
Why in the hell is Mr. Clean in this flick?

Oh, glorious Foodfight! I wish you were never created because we totally know this flick was nothing but one giant marketing strategy! The synopsis of Foodfight! is about protagonist Dex Dogtective getting his kitty girlfriend back... wait-wait! So this movie has nothing to do with the food characters on the cover? Pretty much, from what I could gather from multiple websites. The movie was created in 2003 but had so many drawbacks that most thought the movie would never see the light of day. The movie was finally released in 2012 (that's NINE years later) and if you've seen the movie, you're probably regretting it!

You know what sucks so much about this movie?

They wasted $65 million dollars on this piece of garbage!!!

Are you serious?
Are you serious?

If you don't believe me then you need to watch Nostalgia Critic's Foodfight! video. In the comments section below, tell me if this is the worst animated film ever created! And if you've found one that's worse, I don't even know what to say.


Was this the worst animated movie you've ever seen?

(Source: Nostalgia Critic)


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