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Elsio Carson Rosario

Ok, as a contributor on here has already said (I credit this contributor whomever it may be), the possibility of Wolverines death had increased as Marvel has started a Wolverines Death series. This makes sense as Wolverine was turned mortal in The Wolverine... Marvel doesn't currently hold the film rights to Wolverine but it's a realistic possibility that they buy the filming rights. There are probably fans on both sides of this. Some would find it to be an epic ending to the legacy of Wolverine, some may be like me and hold this legacy dearly, not seeing the point in ending it. Killing off Wolverine would take a lot of nerve, some people may be angered if he isn't killed off correctly or if he is killed off at all. Wolverine becoming mortal brings more possibilities then killing him though, as somebody commented, the old Logan series is a possibility. Wolverine could get old and become immortal again, he could almost die and have his immortality given back, or anything else. I personally would not be happy with Wolverine dying, no matter how epic it may be. Killing off Wolverine makes almost no sense. It's like killing off Spider Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, etc. But killing off Wolverine could be the best move for Marvel, it could be in their best interests for future movies. Wolverines death brings many possibilities. Another time travel movie where the point is saving Wolverine from his death, Wolverine could have a child before he died and the vengeance minded child could go after his fathers killer. Wolverines death could be a money trap or it can cause I decrease in profits for Marvel. But they have gifted and creative minds so surely they could make the best of this situation. Voice your thoughts below.


Should Marvel kill Wolverine


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