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Man I’am really excited for the new Star Wars films to come into place. Although I have admiration for the prequels, the original Star Wars is the best of them all. With an expanded universe of characters and conflicts it should be a sight to be hold. Having the original cast of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher & Mark Hamill along with the others of R2, 3PO and Chewbacca is just nostalgia.

I grew up on the Star Wars films in the 90’s and seeing the prequels and seeing how each actor portrayed their character. Now a lot of you guys have a few biting words for those prequels and I don’t blame you, they didn’t have the best acting but you have to admit, many questions were answered on how the stories came together. With the new films coming, there’s going to be fresh blood of actors to portray next to the iconic Han Solo, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker. These new characters are based on the books of the expanded universe after the many years of Return Of The Jedi.

The stories they can tell are endless and can go beyond the books. As much as I love reading, I’m more of a visual person and love to see how these men and woman interact with each other and what character they will unfold whether Jedi, Sith or whatever. It is very likely that these new stories will have to deal with the children of Han, Leia & Luke along with how the new jedi order came into fruition. Will they have the death of Mara Skywalker on hand, maybe but I don’t believe it may happen yet or it already did and there’s conflict in that spectrum. What about the spirit of a long dead Sith King or the return of Exar Kun?

However you slice it, there’s going to some form of kick ass action and drama in these new films. I’d love to see Luke fight again, even though he doesn’t have the agility and speed he once had but it would be interesting in how he handles himself in an Obiwan type situation. Jaina & Jason Solo would be the ideal characters for the new Jedi and how they use the force in a totally different element than the Jedi of past films.

Will there be skeptics, hell yes because there’s new people coming into Star Wars most never heard of (at least for me I’ve never heard of most of these actors except Max Von Sydow). JJ Abrams is going to have to step up his game because this isn’t Star Trek and it’s a totally different challenge. He’s no Lucas but he’s made an impact and if he can keep that streak, this will be a generation of Star Wars fans that we have yet to see and set the tone of the biggest saga in Film History. Like a puzzle the pieces need to fit together to get a beautiful and awesome picture. Let’s see how this puzzle comes together.

Episode VII: The Spirit Of A New Order


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