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If you're like me, and you're a huge Spider-man fan but you thought The Amazing Spider-man was a let down, don't fret! The Sinister Six are coming!

I'm going to see The Amazing Spider-man 2 tomorrow and I have high hopes after the first one was lukewarm. I mean, when a movie has "amazing" in the title and only ends up being pretty good, it's kind of a let down. Even though I haven't seen TASM 2 I heard the spoilers about the Sinister Six being hinted at in the credits and I had to write about it!

Number 1: The Green Goblin

This to me looks like the Green Goblin's glider. The role of Goblin is played by Dane DeHaan (cool first name dude) in TASM 2 and it's pretty clear he'll be back.

Number 2: The Vulture

This to me looks like a wing. Who do we know in the Spidey universe with wings? The Vulture! That's who!

Number 3: The Rhino

Okay, we're halfway there! I've heard Paul Giamatti plays the Rhino in TASM 2 and by the looks of this mechanical horn, he will also be back for future installments.

Number 4: Doctor Octopus

Doc Oc is one of my personal favorites right behind Venom. By the looks of this mechanical arm he'll be making an appearance in the film franchise's near future. I just hope they do him justice.

Okay, the first four are pretty clear. However, the next two are more up for debate.

Number 5: Kraven or The Lizard?

Personally, I cannot tell by this picture. But i am hoping with all my heart it is Kraven. The Lizard in the first film simply did not do it for me. What do you guys think?

Number 6: Mysterio or The Chameleon?

I've been arguing with myself about this one. It looks like a mask which makes me think it's Chameleon. But there's smoke, which is Mysterio's go to trick. Also, I believe that Mysterio was some type of a performer before he put the fish bowl on his head. I don't think this one is tricky by accident. They want us talking about it, and mission accomplished.

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Who do you think the sixth sinister six is?


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