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Supernatural fans got a chance to take a first glance at the Supernatural spin-off, Supernatural: Bloodlines. The episode, that had the same title, focused on introducing the story and its characters, instead of focusing on Sam and Dean’s story in this season. The first fan reactions started emerging while the episode was airing (the majority, negative).

“It doesn’t feel like Supernatural”, said some Tumblr users. And it really didn’t until Sam and Dean entered in that police interrogation room. Of course we have to have in mind that this was episode 20. Supernatural fans won’t really care for these new characters starting because they’re too invested in Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley, Abaddon, Metatron and Gadreel’s storylines right now. There’s too much going and the majority of fans were only watching the episode waiting for the 9×21 promo at the end.

Here at The Daily Fandom we’ve made a list of the 5 best and worst things about last night’s episode and our predictions for the spin-offs.


  • The idea of five monsters families running Chicago. Supernatural keeps betting on the theme of family. Because what would be a Supernatural-based show without families? This time, the family doesn’t come from hunters but from monsters. We’re seeing that there are and will be conflicts within these family members: people who want to kill, people who don’t want to do any harm, people from different families who are in love… Family doesn’t end with blood, after all, not even for monsters!
  • Ennis Roth. Ennis was probably my favourite character of the episode (apart from Sam and Dean, of course!). Lucien Laviscount played his role effortlessly and won the audience from minute 1. Ennis is a likeable character that will try to learn all there is to know about the supernatural world and being a hunter. Something we didn’t get to see with Sam and Dean since they were already hunters when Supernatural started. Also, a POC as a main character!
  • Monster POV. There was a point in the episode when I thought “woah, I’m seeing Dean and Sam working with a shapeshifter to kill a human!”. Monster POV has been something that has always interested the SPN fandom, but we haven’t gotten a lot of chances to experience it (with the exception of Bitten in S8, or Benny’s character). It’s not all black or white with monsters and now we’re gonna see how supernatural beings relate with each other and how they see hunters and humanity in general.
  • The promise of a war. They said that they were avoiding starting a war among the families because a war would mean coming out and showing the supernatural to the human population. Of course everytime a show starts by saying “we’re not gonna do the thing” or “we’re gonna avoid the thing”… the thing ends up happening.
  • The comedy and one-liners. Just like Supernatural, Bloodlines gave us some good one-liners jokes. Which is something we always appreciate. “So, you’re what, monster cops?”, “I’m a shapeshifter. We shift… our shape. It’s kind of all there in the name”, “I want to eat Taylor Swift’s heart, but we can’t always get what we want”.


  • Yet another female character dying just for the sake of man-pain and giving the main character something to seek revenge for. We’ve already seen that with John and Sam Winchester. It really isn’t necessary, and it gets old.
  • Hetero-forbidden-love. It’s been done too. Over and over. Dean even called David “Romeo” because it’s such a romantic cliché. Although it served as what could be seen a parallel for Dean and Castiel’s relationship for Destiel shippers.
  • The female characters were unlikeable. It’s understandable with Marlo, who was portrayed as a mean and hateful character. But we shouldn’t feel that way with Violet. Actually, the only female character that I actually liked was killed in the beginning.
  • It didn’t pass the Bechdel test. Related to number 1 and 3, but it’s still a big issue. The treatment of female characters has always been a problem with Supernatural so we wanted Bloodlines to be different.
  • There are no Winchesters. Sure, that one was obvious but it doesn’t stop being true. We started Supernatural for the horror, but we stayed for the Winchesters. It could be said that the relationship between the brothers is what started the fandom. This means that Bloodlines is gonna have to find a similar hook in the relationships of its characters. Monsters families are good as a theme, but is it enough to keep the audience watching?
  • It’s still hard to predict where this spin-off might go. Let’s be honest, it’s always hard for a spin-off to be really successful because fans are always gonna prefer the real thing, which is the original series. But we must not forget that this first episode aired during the last episodes of S9 so it was really hard for fans to try and care about these new characters. We won’t know what’s really going to happen until we get the real series. For now, all we can say is that it’s gonna be interesting to see how monsters behave and relate in groups. It’s also gonna be different for the show to be placed in Chicago, instead of the road and motel rooms. On the other hand, one of Bloodlines‘ mistakes was repeating things that have already happened in Supernatural: Ennie having his girlfriend killed and having the mission to find dad (that was so SPN S1!). There’s also one questions that popped into my head when I was done with the episode: where there be angels and demons? The key to its success is gonna be to be able to separate itself from Supernatural but at the same time still keeping that SPN vibe to it. Some guest characters from the original show like Jody or Garth would be a bonus too. Check out the promo for next week’s episode, King of the Damned, airing on May 6th:

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