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Elsio Carson Rosario

The title of this is absurd. Of course the Hangover isn't the worst thing for Zach, it's the best! But let me make my case on why it might be the worst thing to happen to him. This movie is very popular and has made many influences in pop culture. He'll never top this performance or this role. He may be known as the guy from the Hangover., or of he's lucky Alan. No role of his will make an impact as big. Now before you think I think it's the worst thing to happen to him I'll make a case for why it's the best. I just want to start a debate. Look at Harrison Ford. Star Wars was monumental but look at him. He's not just Han Solo. He's Harrison Ford. He's the actor that actors wanna be. He's Indiana Jones. Zach may find another big movie and make another impact. Harrison Ford managed to find success equivalent or almost equivalent to Star Wars so why can't Zach? Share your thoughts below, oh, take the poll as well!


Is the Hangover the best or worst thing to happen to Zach?


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