ByAndy Le, writer at
Andy Le

I don't believe anyone besides the family DESERVES the pack, but I definitely would love to have it for memories. Paul Walker has been an inspiration for me before his death because he just seemed like an honest person, it shows through his movies. I understand there are definitely great actors, but no matter how great of an actor/actress you may be, your personality will still peak, you just can't hide it. Those who are also capable of seeing what someone is truly like through the way they walk,talk, and act, will understand exactly what I'm saying. And if you watch every single movie of his, you could tell that although he does a great job playing different characters, he'll always have that same personality because like I mentioned, you can't hide your personality. And only after his death had I learned what he was doing for others, and knowing that he died in a crash on his way to a charity event is just irony. I would definitely treasure this pack.


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