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Entity is a suspenseful epic SciFi mysticism. If you want to read my trailer reaction to Entity CLICK HERE!


Minutes after a technical failure of her spacecraft, an astronaut finds herself ejected from her cockpit and into space. She tries to contact the base to obtain help... But in vain.

Q&A time!

Evan Lee: What's your inspiration for ENTITY?

Andrew Desmond: For me and Jean Philippe Ferré (co-writer and VFX supervisor), making "ENTITY" was not only a technical and narrative challenge, it was also a way for us to pay tribute to all the SciFi movies we grew up with: Stanley Kubrick's "2001 A Space Odyssey", "Contact" by Robert Zemeckis, Ridley Scott's"Alien" and more recent films such as Danny Boyle's "Sunshine" and even Darren Aronofsky's "The Fountain."

EL: Biggest challenges to overcome while making ENTITY?

AD: Getting the film done! It took two and a half years to make the movie and considering we had but only a very small budget the film was, above all, a labor of love on behalf of all those who worked on it. Another challenge was to be able to coordinate my vision with that of Jean Philippe Ferré and Nicolas Chalons' (our Director of Photography) who also had a big input on the visual aspect of the movie. It was both highly complex and exciting to work them, both of them being extremely sharp and talented artists in their own lines of work, and in the end, for the right reasons. Another challenge was to try and figure out how to conceive and stage the actual story; how does one film an astronaut floating adrift in outer space? How do you sustain the spectator's attention throughout the entire 14 minutes which make up the film?

EL: Are you satisfied/happy with the outcome of your film?

AD: Absolutely! It's always difficult to be able to stand back and look at something you've been working on for so long but we've had genuinely very positive and enthusiastic feedback so far from the numerous people who have seen the film in film festivals around the world and I am personally very proud of the result. A considerable amount of time and effort has been attributed to the visual effects, the sound design and the score and I'm pleased to say that it is so far the short film I've made which I'm the most satisfied of.

EL: The actress in ENTITY did a great job! Are we going to see her in future films?

AD: I hope so! It was crucial for the story and the emotion that the actress was convincing and Alias (Hilsum) completely nailed that and did an amazing job! I knew her from working with her on several music videos I directed and I knew that she would be perfect to play the astronaut in "ENTITY." During the film shoot I played various film music scores to help her react considering she had nothing in front of her apart from the lights and camera. I also asked her to imagine and write down her's character's past before being propelled into this situation. She's a wonderfully talented actress with fascinating features and I sincerely hope the film will contribute to help her move on to bigger, better things!

EL: What do you hope to accomplish with ENTITY?

AD: With "ENTITY", the main goal was to make a science fiction movie that is both intense and immersive but also deeply mystical and poetic. When you work on this kind of film you inevitably find yourself talking about themes and ideas which are inherent to the genre such as: the insignificance of man confronted to the immensity of space and the potential existence of superior forces we do not comprehend.

EL: The visuals looked amazing! What software did you use?

AD: Thanks! Our workflow was very complex! We shot the film in 4K using the Sony F65 that we processed in Linear Aces.

When we started working on the previz before the shooting, we worked in RGB so we had to put everything back in Linear which was quite a lot of work to get the result we wanted. All the compositing work was done in After Effects. For the 3D shots we used different software’s: The Spaceship was done in C4D using VRAY for rendering and the astronaut was created in 3DSMAX also using VRAY. We composited everything back in After Effects. Then when all the CGI was finished we rendered each shot in several layers to send it to our partner Technicolor for conforming and color grading. This technique allowed us to have great flexibility but was very intense as we had so many layers to work on! We used Smoke and Lustre for this final stage which was particularly helpful as the two software programs work well together!

EL: What was the coolest or funnest moments when working on set?

AD: The coolest moments weren't so much on set but during post production! Considering the film is 80% CG, the most rewarding moments were to be able to see the insane ideas we wrote down in the script come to life on computer screens. I also had a great deal of fun working with Fabrice the composer and Benoit the sound designer. I learned a great deal making this film!

EL: What genre of film would you label ENTITY under?

AD: Epic SciFi mysticism!

EL: What do you want to accomplish as a director?

AD: I don't consider myself to be a political filmmaker or an intellectual and in general I guess I am attracted to human stories whatever the genre, and ultimately, I would love to direct a movie in every genre like Stanley Kubrick or Ridley Scott have done. Films in which the story and the characters are compelling, the emotions intense and the narrative fueled by a distinct energy.

EL: Name your top 5 favorite movies and whether you would rather be a superhero or super villain - and why! Also, name two superpowers, including a name!

AD: My top 5 favorite movies would be "2001 A Space Odyssey", "Brazil", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "The Deer Hunter" and "Cinema Paradiso." I would rather be a super villain with telepathic powers to be able to convince producers to give me all the money to make my films! Telekinesis is a cool power too because I always wanted to be able to grab stuff without having to get up from my chair. A name? Super 8!

Check out the awesome ENTITY trailer HERE!


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